In their zeal to battle drug crimes, many police departments go too far: making illegal drug searches and violating the rights of the people they arrest. The consequences for those who are arrested with drugs in their possession can be very high. For more than a combined 50 years the attorneys of Smith and Blizzard, P.A. have aggressively defended people who face drug charges in Duplin and surrounding counties and Federal Court.

We Will Aggressively Defend You

Over the years the campaign against the manufacturing, possession, and distribution of illegal drugs has pushed the United States Constitution to extreme levels. In other words, law enforcement now, in our opinion, is willing to “burn the house down” to kill the rats. Many drug offenses carry mandatory jail sentences and some for relatively small amounts of prescription and non-prescription controlled substances. We have seen illegal drug offenses escalate from powder cocaine to many more charges of methamphetamine and heroin. Though we certainly do not condone this illegal activity, we do aggressively defend and raise every possible legal issue of substance for our clients. With many drug offenses, the stakes are very high and your freedom from incarceration is on the line. You need reputable legal representation. We are experienced in handling all types of drug cases from possession of marijuana to trafficking in methamphetamine.

We Will Protect Your Interests

If this is your first minor offense, it may be possible to resolve your case without a conviction that would result in a permanent criminal record. You should never plead guilty to drug charges without understanding the consequences of a conviction, such as loss of eligibility for student loans, potential job loss, loss of citizenship rights, loss of your ability to possess a firearm and the potential for tens of thousands of dollars in mandatory fines. If you have one or more prior convictions, our attorneys will do everything we can to minimize the potential consequences you face. Many law enforcement officers do not understand the U.S. Constitution or may simply choose to ignore it. If police violated your rights in making the drug arrest, it may be possible to suppress the drug evidence. Search and seizure cases are constantly being decided by the United States Supreme Court and the North Carolina Supreme Court and you need to choose an attorney familiar with the ever changing direction of these decisions. Without evidence, the charges would likely be dismissed. Your success with these types of cases may very well be determined by your choice of attorneys.

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If you have any questions or would like additional information about drug charges, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our entire firm will work together on your case to obtain the best possible outcome. To schedule a consultation call 910-296-1444, or complete the contact form and we will reach out to you. Se habla español.