The consequences of a DWI can easily result in incarceration. You NEED quality legal representation.

Driving While Impaired is a serious criminal offense that can result in incarceration even for your first offense. Consequences of a DWI conviction are tremendous, and subsequent convictions are even more likely to result in substantial periods of incarceration. For these reasons, it’s important to contact a experienced DWI attorney to handle your case.

Some people plead guilty to DWI charges because they admitted they had been drinking at the time of their arrest and subsequently failed a Breathalyzer test. There are defenses, however, even if you blew above .08. For example, did police have a legal reason to stop you? Police need to have a reasonable suspicion that you committed a crime before they can pull you over. If the stop was illegal, all evidence gathered after the stop can be suppressed, which means your DWI will most likely be dismissed. Another question that will be analyzed by our attorneys is were the breathalyzer results accurate? It may be possible to challenge the breathalyzer test results based on the circumstances under which you were tested.

What To Expect

When you contact Smith and Blizzard, P.A. regarding your DWI, we will schedule a one hour intensive initial consultation. During this interview, our attorneys will ask about each aspect of your impaired driving charge, from the time of the stop until your release from jail. Many legal issues often arise because of the complexity and ever-changing aspects of a DWI. After we examine the paperwork and all the facts of your case, we will determine the best possible defense. Even if it is not possible to obtain a dismissal of the charges or a not guilty verdict, it may be possible to negotiate a plea bargain that is less damaging to your future. You should never plead guilty to DWI before you have spoken with an experienced DWI defense lawyer. As with any other criminal case the burden is on the state to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It cannot be overstressed that your chances of success when charged with DWI are affected by the quality of your legal representation. Again, experience matters. It is the key to any successful defense.

Though no attorney can ethically guarantee you a specific outcome in any criminal case, our attorneys will use their best efforts and years of experience to search for any factual or legal issue that may allow you to obtain a more favorable outcome to this charge.

Contact An Experienced Duplin County DWI Attorney

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